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Training and Development Independent Contractor

Facilitator, Learning Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, Instructional Design, Virtual Training, Webinars, Master Trainer

So much training raises awareness of what is wrong, but fails to give you concrete tools and practice doing what will work.  Behaviors which will light up your leadership and relational skills.  


Learning Path will always honor the wisdom you bring to any learning.  We will always create experiential learning.  When you uncover and discover your own areas in need of development in our courses and we create researched solutions and learning strategies, magic happens.  Some call us the "Course Whispers."


No matter the delivery method, people learn through practice.  What will you practice in our classes? Behaviors that level up your leadership. Easy to remember and use Tools to guide your development.  

Virtual Training

Content Development

Leadership, Management, Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Innovating thru Iterative Change, Software Implementation

Digital / Print / Training

I'm a Master Facilitator, Instructional Designer, and Training and Development Consultant. I have developed and facilitated webinars, eLearning, mLearning, and classroom training.  My passion is leadership development. Great leaders show up authentically, unafraid to show their strengths and opportunities.  Great leaders are also great followers; giving their teams autonomy and support.  Great leaders are great teachers.  Through example, word, and deed.  I love helping leaders grow.  

Instructional Designer
"The Course Whisperer"

Helping people grow drew me to learning and development.  For me, there is nothing like seeing someone move from one level of consciousness to another. 


I started my professional journey as an instructional designer at a Fortune 50 company purely through divine order.  You see, purpose is always knocking.  I didn't know then but I know now, the common thread in my writing is the honor of teaching, inspiring, and empowering others.

For the Organizational leader struggling with industry disruption. competition, technological change, margins, profits, and employees who expect to be developed, learning has to be accessible, relevant, short, collaborative and independent.

"The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage" 

Arie de Geus

It's an extraordinary time to be in the learning and development space!  Technology allows us to easily learn in the stream of our life.  You can connect and learn from others in collaborative spaces and join communities of learning around just about any subject! 


We can adapt and grow through the iterative change process that is organizational effectiveness today.  I design independent and collaborative learning experiences. 

Let me help you design and develop learning that works in your organization. 

Do you need learning strategy? Awesome courses? Training or Facilitation?  Contact me!