Exceeding Your Expectations

Learning Strategy Planning

We examine your current learning strategy and performance gaps. Through analysis and partnering with you we clarify client/organizational needs and opportunities to evolve or address performance gaps/needs.

Business Meeting

Instructional Design

Provide innovative learner-centric design solutions that address client needs while aligning to operational budgets


Values, Inclusion, Allyship, Diversity

Creating Cultures of Belonging

Strategic Planning Session

We meet you where you are. Building inclusive cultures begins with trust. The competencies of inclusive leadership are also the competencies of successful leaders.  We partner with you to determine your goals, organizational readiness, systems, and a strategy aligned with the operational budget.

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Courageous Conversations

Talking about race, sexism, sexual preference, politics, being differently abled in organizations constructed for ableism is not easy. We are professionals at facilitating these conversations. Bringing together different perspectives, and leaving with greater understanding and empathy is our goal and our experience facilitating these conversations.

Friends Talking

Inclusion, Diversity, Managing Bias and Allyship Curriculum

Creating Cultures of Belonging

Practicing inclusion means practicing the

behaviors that communicates "You Belong Here." 

The 5 stages model for belonging begins with "I feel welcome" and ends with "I belong here." 

Our researched based, customizable  curriculum is learner-centric, experiential, and combines process, practice, tools and application to equip participants to practice  inclusion. The key element in Creating Cultures of Belonging.

Companies where employees are empowered and supported to show up authentically, value diversity, manage biases that create exclusion, and practice inclusion are more successful, agile, resilient companies.

Creating Cultures of Belonging


The Creating Cultures of Belonging Curriculum is a series of five 3.5 hour workshops, delivered in the brain-friendly 90/30/90 format. 

  • Innerleaderhip

  • Diversity & Authenticity

  • Managing Bias

  • Practicing Inclusion

  • Be the Ally

Our fully customizable curriculum can be deployed via virtual platforms or in a classroom format. 

We use neuroscience backed, learner-centric practices to engage the group both in class and between classes. Coursework will result in increased self-awarenss, enhanced knowledge, new skills, strategies and tools to build cultures of belonging.

The work is meaningful, experiences are powerful, and connections will likely be lifelong!

The curriculum is facilitated by Master Trainers in the Diversity, inclusion, Equity and Anti-racism field.

Managing Bias

Course Goals

  • Define bias and implicit bias

  • Experience your brain’s propensity for bias

  • Recognize how bias impedes inclusion

  • Practice surfacing bias

  • Describe how bias can show up in the workplace

  • Use effective strategies to address bias

  • Create an action plan to recognize and address bias


Curriculum Pre-requisite

Innerleadership, the ability to observe your thoughts and act with agency, supported by your values and an inner knowing that you will be alright no matter what.

This course is designed to empower the learner to deal with stress, anxiety, and become more resilient. The design is experiential. It includes researched based assesment, experiential processes, and individual and group reflection. The learner-centric practices engage the group before, during, and after the course.

Learning organizations exist when the people engage in continuous learning. Learning to Create Cultures of Belonging includes introspective work. Work that happens in ones learning zone. We all have a comfort zone, panic zone and a learning zone, which is located between the extremes of comfort and panic. Innerleadership equips participants with tools and strategies to stay in their learning zone.

Diversity & Authenticity, The Power of Differences

Leverage the Power of Differences

Diversity & Authenticity, The Power of Difference, defines a broad definition of diversity; inclusive of everyone. The course helps participants identify diversity and authenticity as their superpower, and the superpower of others.

Diversity & Authenticity, The Power of Differences examines diversity, privilege, and diversity dimensions that impact inclusion, access, power, and belonging.

Providing experiential learning methods to identify the value of diversity, and check privilege to support inclusion.



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