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Be the Ally - Blended Training

In all of the DEI&A I've done over the years, the question I get most often is "how do I learn what to say and how to say it?' I wish I could tell you definitively if this happens do this, if that happens do this. If being an inclusive leader was a hard skill, like being a programmer, or accountant, or mathematician I could give you that. However, learning to be an ally, learning to be an inclusive leader, is a soft skill, that starts with something I call Innerleadership.

Our Be the Ally blended training will help you gain clarity on what being an effective ally looks like. It will also support you with practice, feedback and a model for the courageous conversations and actions you can take to include, uplift, and/or advocate for marginalized or underrepresented individuals or groups.

Your allyship matters. You can make a difference. Any of us can be an ally because we all have some kind of advantage or privilege we can leverage to help others.

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