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Do your leaders need help managing and leading through disruption?

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Alicia Newton, Founder & Chief Encourager

Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator, Instructional Design Expert

Are Your Leaders Culturally Competent?

Inclusive leadership development from the inside out

Are you struggling integrating your DEI goals with the overall Leadership Development Goals of your organization?

Learn to apply Inclusive Leadership Principles that Build Trust and Commitment

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Thank you for visiting! Reach out and see how we can help you elevate the teamwork in your organization! 

The top reasons for employee disengagement are feeling underpaid, overworked, under valued, not included or having an undetected personal problem.  These do no have to be a barrier in your organization.  Learning Path can help.

Alicia's journey includes 25 years of recovery from addiction, resourceful leadership consulting and development, and successful entrepreneurship as CEO of Learning Path. She brings her experience, energy and insight to the Learning Journeys and Speaking Engagements Learning Path, LLC offers.   

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What we do

Self-Directed, Non-Linear Learning

We help people grow with blended, eLearning and custom live and virtual training solutions.  We believe the wisdom is always within the learner. We help facilitate discovery. Some call us the "Course Whisperers." If you have leadership development needs reach out today for your free consultation. 

Alicia Newton - Founder & Chief Encourager

Alicia Newton - Founder & Chief Encourager

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Welcome to Learning Path!


What We Do