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Alicia Newton, Founder & Chief Encourager

Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator, Instructional Design Expert

Are Your Leaders Culturally Competent?

Inclusive leadership development from the inside out

Learn to apply Inclusive Leadership Principles that help build Employee and Customer Centered businesses that are profitable, agile, and innovative. 

Are you struggling integrating your DEI goals with the overall Leadership Development Goals of your organization? Learning Path can help!

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Thank you for visiting! Reach out and see how we can help you elevate the teamwork in your organization! 

The top reasons for employee disengagement are feeling underpaid, overworked, under valued, not included or having an undetected personal problem.  These do no have to be a barrier in your organization.  Learning Path can help.

Alicia's journey includes 25 years of successful leadership development and L&D strategy and implementation across industry.  A lifelong learner with a commitment to the fair and equitable treatment of people, inclusive leadership development and creating cultures of belonging is her sweet spot. Alicia brings her resourcefulness, experience, energy and insight to the work of inclusive leadership development and learning and development strategy and implementation.    

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Self-Directed, Non-Linear Learning

We help people grow with blended, eLearning and custom live and virtual training solutions.  We believe the wisdom is always within the learner. We help facilitate discovery. Some call us the "Course Whisperers." If you have leadership development needs reach out today for your free consultation. 

Alicia Newton - Founder & Chief Encourager

Alicia Newton - Founder & Chief Encourager

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Welcome to Learning Path!


What We Do


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  • Tell Me Your Story - Building  Cultural Competence
    Tell Me Your Story - Building  Cultural Competence
    Reach Out Today to Schedule
    Zoom and Face to Face Options
    Reach Out Today to Schedule
    Zoom and Face to Face Options
    Reach Out Today to Schedule
    Zoom and Face to Face Options
    Are your people leaders having difficulty establishing rapport, building trust, and fostering effective teamwork?
  • Innerleadership
    Time is TBD
    Virtual Event
    Time is TBD
    Virtual Event
    Time is TBD
    Virtual Event
    Success as an inclusive leader and ally is seen in how we show up in the world . How do you support others through the hard stuff? Much is dictated from how we feel and what we know about ourselves. This course is designed to help develop your inner superpowers to do the work of inclusive leaders.


Jill Breitbach, Manager Talent Development, Alliant Energy

Alicia does an outstanding job curating content and building learning journeys for employees and leaders. She is also very skilled at developing content on inclusive leadership that resonates with the learner.

Ruthanna Birchfield, Truist Bank, Atlanta, GA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alicia for the past 7 months on an in-depth curriculum build for two roles within our line of business. Alicia is extremely thorough in conducting needs analysis, crafting a design document and developing content based on that design document. She is mindful of our SME's time constraints and works well to keep the project organized and on track. I would highly recommend Alicia for any type of instructional design project"

Chris Gault, UK

Attending Creating Cultures of Belonging facilitated by Alicia was life changing. As well as discovering the true meaning of Diversity and Inclusion and how my actions can make a difference to other peoples feeling of belonging, the biggest discovery was a personal one. This course made me find my authentic self. It helped me to understand what I truly believe and what I value and once you understand your authentic self, magic happens.


Those closest to me; family and work colleagues, have noticed the difference and that’s the impact this course has. It is the start of a ripple which will change the world and make it a better place for everyone to live.


I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for this course but am so glad I did. It has started me on a  journey which both excites and scares me, but unless you make yourself uncomfortable and vulnerable you will never evolve.


I recommend anyone who wants to truly develop as an individual, who wants to be able to understand and make a difference in the work of Diversity and Inclusion, Allyship and, who wants to create cultures of belonging in their own environments, to get signed up and be ready to have your eyes opened to view the world around you as you think you know it in a completely different light.

Andrew Robinson, CEO, CenTrak

Thank you. I will continue using the great lessons, tools, and tactics I learned from you to progress DEI.

Evelyn Swanson, VP Learning & Development, Core & Main

If you haven’t partnered with Alicia, you should. Every time we work together, I grow and learn from this experienced professional. From instructional design to coaching to facilitation, Alicia brings value to every person and audience she reaches. We have worked together and known each other for over 20 years and she continues to add value every interaction. Thank you Alicia!

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