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Alicia Newton, Founder & Chief Encourager

Some call her the "Course Whisperer"

Learning Path, LLC is ready to partner with you to solve your learning and development challenge or opportunity. We offer a range of services from consulting and managing learning projects, to curriculum design, development and facilitation. If you need a training strategy or solution for helping your people grow we are ready to help.


If you need DEIA consulting or training our customizable inclusive leader learning paths will help build the competencies needed to create a culture of belonging in your organization.


If your need is related to performance gaps resulting from a lack of knowledge or skill we offer training and coaching.  If your need is related to performance gaps resulting from conditions, motivation, capacity, or standards we offer consulting and analysis to co-create strategies to close those gaps.


Since 2005, we’ve provided research based, customized learning paths and masterful facilitation and consulting.  At Learning Path we love helping people grow.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. alicia@learningpathllc.com

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What we do

Collaborative, Self-Directed, Non-Linear Learning

We help people grow with blended, eLearning and custom live and virtual training solutions.  We believe the wisdom is always within the learner. We help facilitate discovery. Some call us the "Course Whisperers." If you have leadership development needs reach out today for your free consultation.