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What does recovery from addiction and leadership have in common?

During a needs analysis subject matter expert(SME), interview I asked the SME “what wins and opportunities did they uncover as a result of using a design thinking approach to problem solving?”

The number one win was bringing together a diverse set of people to work on the problem. Different perspectives, ideas, tolerances for risk, and experiences resulted in a solution that worked and saved the company millions.

The opportunity was listening to those diverse voices. Suspending what they thought they knew about how to solve the problem to opening up to alternative ways and supporting processes to get to the best solution. Most of the bumps in the road happened as a result of shutting down different experiences and ideas.

Things change rapidly, and no matter how deep your experience those closest to the user, work, and/or customer often have a perspective those higher up just don’t.

Recovery from addiction is similar. Addiction is no respecter of person, status, race, wealth, or any other aspect of diversity. It is the diversity that ensures the message of freedom can be heard. Someone’s story will resonate with the individual.

Recovery from addiction requires the person to suspend what they thought they knew about living. Open up to alternative and supporting processes that work together to allow the addicted person to reclaim their life, health, and dreams.

This is just one similarity between addiction and leadership.

Stay tuned to more lessons leadership lessons from a recovery perspective.

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