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It's 2023 and You are Unlimited

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions because I felt I just needed to do whatever the it was that I was making a resolution about. Why wait for a certain day to commit? Try as I might, however, I could not stop taking stock at the beginning of the year. What I hoped for, longed for, or anticipated in the New Year.

Today, I know whenever I say it aloud, put it in the universe, write it down, make a commitment, and act, the universe is open and willing to assist me. It won’t do it for me. But there is a Force that will certainly co-create with me.

Whether the creation is as intentional as a New Year’s resolution, or as unintentional as living by default, there is a cause and effect.

Our thoughts carry energy. Our words are tangible, though you cannot see them. Every word you speak is a prayer. It is up to you to observe and be conscious of what you speak.

As you speak your dreams into existence, resist the voice of doubt. Wherever your dreams are taking you, get this; YOU BELONG HERE.

Visualize the goal. Where do you want to be? Why? How does if feel being there? Who is there when you get there? What will it be like when you get there? Goals and intention establish the basis for your playbook.

Today I will set goals but not be married to the result.

Alicia Newton. Believe, Begin, Become (Kindle Locations 275-284). Alicia Newton. Kindle Edition.

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