Believe, Begin, Become
Affirmations to Remember what you know

Do you have a voice that NEVER has

anything good to say? Shut it up and own/find your life purpose!


"I was so excited about your book, so I purchased it 4 days before I had planned! I started reading it today and I could not stop reading! Your brilliance and conversational tone ministered to my spirit and enlightened my mind all the while soothing my soul! I received the help ... THAT I WAS SO DESPERATELY IN NEED OF!!!! I


thank you so much for the beauty of you both spiritually and physically!! Your book is inspiring and is motivating me to finish my book! I thank you most of all for being my sister and being a guiding light!! If your book has helped only one person it would be me HOWEVER, I believe countless others will benefit from your knowledge!!! I was reading so intently mauling over every nugget, I almost forgot about hooking up (connecting) my husband for his home dialysis!! It was too late to call you, so I retrieved your email address from your web site! From the bottom of my heart and the top of mind.... YOU GO GIRL and you keep on going! Congratulations on your book Believe Begin Become!!!! " 

Believe, Begin, Become, Affirmations to Remember What You Know

Affirmations to bring you back to your true north

What's Holding You Back?

Welcome to Believe, Begin, Become, Affirmations to Remember What You Know.  


We all need encouragement and reminders sometimes.  Disquieting doubt and nauseating never enough-ness can creep in without your permission. 


Each situation described in the book is a true story. 


Each affirmation is life giving.  You are enough.  You have enough. You do enough.  You are worthy and wonderful. 


Anything contrary to that is not your true self speaking.  If you found this book, give yourself a break and read it.

Give yourself permission to take back your Power! 

Own Your story, affirm your divine detours and gifts of imperfection 

Why I Write

I write to remind myself and others that thoughts are just that, a thought.  When our inner dialogue is un-supportive change it.


I write to help people grow. 


Words are powerful. Words carry transformative energy. They can be used to uplift, inspire, connect, and calm or they can be used to oppress, dismiss, deny, and damage the spirit of another.

My words are written to remind you that you are the loving manifestation of all that is good.  That your life is precious and there is a purpose for your life.   

Alicia Newton

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