Your Success is Already Assigned to You

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? I stopped making New Year's resolutions because I felt I should just do whatever I was making a resolution about. Nevertheless, I could not help but take stock and reflect on what I hoped for, longed for, and what I was willing to put energy into in the New Year. What I know for sure is when I listen to my heart, when I act upon what makes my soul smile, my success is already assigned. Too often we make resolutions based on what society says, or our parents say, or what our friends think we should be doing. Or, we can make a resolution based on the illusion of certainty or a belief in scarcity. Sometimes we create resolutions that are not really aligned with our values, our purpose, or a why bigger than ourselves. When they don't come into fruition we get discouraged. However, our life is always speaking to us; moving us into our life assignment. In this earth school make your intentions but don't be married to the results. What is for you will find you, when you remain open to receive and intentional about aligning your strengths with a greater why.


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