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Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Years Eve! Great article on next steps for your organizations inclusion, diversity, and equity commitments.

In 2020, three enormous stories — people rising up demanding racial justice. A relentless pandemic, and an election that shook the core of our democracy dominated the news.

We saw leaders sign public announcements of support. Hold courageous conversations as record numbers of Chief Diversity Officers were hired or promoted to advance equity and equality across:

· recruiting and hiring practices

· compensation

· career development

· staff retention

· executive leadership

· & much more.

Undaunted we saw many lead with courage, commitment, curiosity, and grit. But what next? As a inclusion, diversity, and equity professional many of the suggestions in this article mirror the ways our team at Learning Path can help you operationalize your DI&E commitments. Let 2021 be the year of full participation for all of your employees. Of representation for all underrepresented groups. Let 2021 be the year of equity, innovation, success and belonging.

This year has taught us that we can do hard things.

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