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What would it look like to believe in yourself today?

To believe in your strengths, in your dreams, in your capabilities.

You have strengths. You also have an inner critic. When someone compliments you, how does it feel in your body? In your gut? Do you respond with an authentic "Thank you, I receive that." Or, do you dismiss, deny, or deflect?

Innerleadership is intentional. By default our brains focus on the negative. Negativity bias, makes us focus and judge what we perceive as wrong or hard.

Innerleadership challenges you to intentionally focus on what comes easy. On what is right with you. You were born with strengths. Leveraging your strengths is your Superpower. Your secret weapon to slay your goals.

We are all called upon to show up in different ways within a day. You have different strengths to help you do that. Whether it's your creativity, curiosity, compassion, intelligence, grit, patience, listening ability, focus on a strength you have. Commit to using one of your strengths today.

Practice Innerleadership today. Today, focus on how you will use just one of your strengths.

If you want to learn more come to our Innerleadership Virtual Course on March 23rd at 10:00 am EST.

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