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"You are not an imposter. You are just right for the job." Alicia Newton "Believe, Begin, Become"

I never followed a straight path anywhere.  For 35 years I was stuck in not-enoughness, low self worth, dead end relationships, addiction, playing small, and self-sabotage.  All while looking normal.

It took a spiritual death for me to start the long journey back to my true self.  I was not able to forgive myself alone.  I was not able to accept myself alone.  I was not able to claim my purpose and my peace alone.  It took connection, vulnerability, introspection, feedback, prayer, practice, and surrender to the truth; that I am loved and lovable.  Worthy, and enough, safe, and given special gifts to give others that only I can open to share with you.


I have also found that with ALL of the information, a network of people who love me, a God of my understanding, and all of the people who have touched my life and whose lives I have touched as a speaker, writer, trainer, coach, sponsor, and member of a worldwide 12 step program I still have to affirm what I know. 

This blog is one of my gifts to you.  If you have ever had self-doubt you will be inspired here.  If your gremlins ever whispered to you that you are not enough or that you have to do something to be loved, you can come back to your center here.  To your true north.  That place of love, safety, and enoughness you were born with. 

To lead outwardly master your inner leadership.  Great leaders know themselves, have nothing to prove and everything to give. They are not afraid of their light or your light.  They fan the flames of creativity and autonomy, developing others, and inspiring greatness in others.   This blog is about you leading you. #truestory #affirmations #slaygremlins #ownyourstory #joyandabundance #believebeginbecome

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