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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I'm developing online leadership journey’s for an organization and the current topic is critical thinking. The process of deliberately analyzing information to make better decisions and judgments. Does that sound like something you want your leaders to do more of? Reach out to me. What struck me, again, was how leadership skills cross over and support other leadership capabilities.

This course is designed to help leaders slow down and refrain from automatic thinking, something our brains love to do, and critically think. This requires the person to manage their biases. Engage with diverse people and perspectives. Increase their self-awareness. Ask questions and look at facts, and data instead of instincts and emotions.

These are many of the skills in Learning Path's Managing Bias course.

The other skill cross over I’m seeing is well-being. Yes, managing your well being is a skill. You cannot critically think if you are overwhelmed.

In Learning Path's course, Innerleadership, we practice mindfulness, examine our connections and time management processes. All behaviors that support critical thinking.

Something that differentiates good leaders from transformational leaders are skills that cross over multiple competencies. Continuously develop those skills and your leadership will inspire and empower others.


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