The Morning Cup - Learning to Ask for Help

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I recently asked several people how do you pull yourself out of obsessive thinking or emotional upheaval? I heard many techniques that help, but very few people said I run my thinking by a trusted friend, mentor, or coach. To often asking for help is the last thing we think about doing. Learning to ask for help opens us to a shift in perspective. It is never what is happening in our lives. It is always how we perceive it. Another's perspective is a powerful tool for inner leadership. Sometimes your shift happens just hearing yourself express a dilemma out loud to another person. Sometimes your breakthrough comes via a simple suggestion. You were born to be successful. Accelerate your progress by learning to ask for help. #learningtoask #innerleadership #leveragingteamwork #leadership #relationships #connection #perspective #theshift #breakthrough

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