The Morning Cup - Grace

For years I was addicted to certainty. That illusion of control kept me from taking risks that would free me to be me. The angst of fear was paralyzing sometimes. When something is calling you to a future you can't see remember the last time you didn't know how things would work out and it did. You are still standing! That project, that relationship, those financial woes, trust and believe it's going to be alright. What I've learned is Grace has, and will bring you through every time. You received the wake up, get up, sit up this morning! Employ mindfulness. Have faith. Whatever difficulties you are facing you will get to the other side. Don't defer your dreams because you don't know how you will get there. Take one step at a time toward your calling. Let go of having to know how. Focus on your why and your what and take a step. Now go out and make a great day! #believebeginbecome


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