The Morning Cup,

A quick 1-2 min video affirmation to start your day and clear your way.

It is important how you start your day. On the days that I center and affirm all this is good and all that is true, that I am worthy and wonderful, loved and lovable, safe, and enough I can summon my true self when the gremlins try to attack. On the days I hit the ground running, uncentered, un-affirmed and moving out of fear or the illusion of control I open myself up for attack. This I have learned over time to be my truth. This truth was the motivation for Believe, Begin, Become. I need affirmations and I don't think I am that different from you. So stay tuned. The Morning Cup videos will be posted right here! #affirmations #believebeginbecome #innerleadership #alicianewton #themorningcup #youareenough


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