Juneteenth 2020

My hope in humanity never dies. Each act of kindness, each change in policy, each donation, each examination adds to my hope. On this historical day, Juneteenth, the official ending of slavery in the United States, let us continue to be fearless and intentional about dismantling systemic racism. In our schools and universities. In our For-Profits and Non-Profits. In our justice system and in our religious organizations. There is nowhere racism has not extended it's tentacles. However, the work begins in your heart. Dealing with your own destabilization, your own feelings, your own values. Deal with it. Learn to stay in the conversation, the commitment, and the work. There is no lack. There is enough for everyone. Ending systemic racism is a gain. Nothing can come into a closed hand or a closed heart. Together we rise. #juneteenth2020#endracism#courageunderfire#selfawareness#selfmanagement#innerleadership#abundancemindset


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