I was stuck

Self isolation had me distracted. My usual focused, productive self was missing in action. Instead of content creation the only video I had made was me working in my garden. The gremlin in my head was talking shit because I was not checking things off of an ever present to do list.

Just that quick I had forgotten. My 3 primary tools to get back to center are sharing, meditation, and affirmation.

So I spoke it out loud. Step 1 - I shared what I had been thinking with some friends. It felt like an exhale. There! Got it out.

Step 2 - I got quiet. In that quiet all of the conversations with the women I mentor came to mind. The feeling of planting my newly sprouted seeds in the dirt came to mind. The increase in my prayer and meditation came to mind. The amazing book I had been reading came to mind. Perspective is everything.

Step 3 - I affirmed my process. You see I had been judging my process instead of embracing my process. Shortly afterwards I woke up with an amazing framework for the content on my to do list.

Self awareness and compassion replaced self recrimination. Everything I had been doing was totally aligned with my values and totally necessary.

The next time you start judging your process, stop! #innerleadership #selfcompassion #believebeginbecome #affirmations #trusttheprocess #breathe


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