How to find your calling?

Affirming your life, learning to encourage yourself, and be encouraged by trusted friends and co-workers, or other safe people is necessary to keep going; even when you are afraid or have failed before.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you. The affirmations you give yourself and the affirmations you receive from others help you find your calling.


No one achieves great success without confidence, a team and a vision bigger than themselves. As partners, parents, spouses, team leaders, decision makers, and all of the relational roles we live, our beliefs and values either move us forward or hold us back.

We all have an inner voice that can impede our forward motion. If your thoughts do not support you actualizing your potential, change them. You are not the thought. You are the you observing the thought! The observer has the power. The observer can call up a trusted ally and say "let me just tell you what I am thinking." We all need perspective adjusters from time to time. 


Your gifts have to be opened by you. However, what you believe, and how you dispel untruths that potentially harm your progress is an inner leadership skill you can strengthen or learn. 

Words are invisible but powerful determinants as you identify, own, and walk in your purpose.

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