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Don't Let Distractions Throw You Off Your Game

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Do you get distracted when you need to be focused? Have you caught yourself doom-scrolling? Wasting time scrolling through social media content or other internet rabbit holes?

Does your mind manifest other lower priority tasks when you know you need to be building your brand, or creating your next amazing offering, or having that one on one with a team member in trouble?

Unless you are intentional about interrupting the tendency to get sucked into unproductive patterns, your mind will fill in the blank. Our minds are mostly on auto pilot without intention.

In a 2022 HBR article Professors Kaitlin Wooley and Marissa Sharif offer strategies to interrupt the scrolling rabbit hole.

Right now while your vision and intentions for 2023 are fresh on your mind, reflect on how you want to use and use your time.

Time is a precious non-renewable resource that defines how productive, actualized, and intentional we will be.

The human brain can and does give us plausible but untrue reasons for how we should use our time. Like right this moment I am writing this post instead of working on my 2023 strategic sales and marketing plan. But wait, these posts are part of the strategy (smile) see what I mean. So, now I am going to intentionally stop and get back to the plan.

Make a great day everyone. Word for 2023 intentional.

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