Change we must or Die we will

Accepting, embracing, and even noticing change is not always easy. Even when it looks like something is not changing it is; because change is a constant. As a facilitator/trainer I remember when video conferencing and virtual training were introduced in the Fortune 50 company I worked in back then. We picked apart why it wasn’t going to be effective and why we needed to keep doing what we were doing. Fortunately, I didn’t stay stuck and later earned a Master’s degree in information and learning technology.

As I watched the horror unfold Tuesday, May 26th, 2020, as once again a Black man, George Floyd was killed, unarmed and handcuffed my first reaction was nothing is changing. However, it is. The immediate firing versus paid administrative leave is change. The petitions, messages, collective outpour and demand for justice and an arrest from all sectors of our society is change.

The greater understanding of why “Black Lives Matter” needs to be stated just like that. A greater understanding of why Kaepernick’s kneel is an act of patriotism. The increasing understanding that this is not just a Black problem. All evidence of change.

Police brutality and structural racism is a societal cancer that will consume us all if we do not stop the spread. It is up to us. All of us, to use our voices and our actions to keep the change moving forward. However incremental, we must not lose hope. We must not give up. The only way out is through.

#embracechange #hatewontwin#normalizecompassion#upendoppression#iammysister#brotherskeeper#changewemust#bethechange


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